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第1篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

My favorite is reading a book. In my bookcase, has accounted for more than half of general books, because I like to learn science knowledge most, followed by literature. Reading books can learn a lot of knowledge, but also a good way to I used to send boring. Remember I once saw on books, why the rainbow always after the rain when the weather is fine after only answer, read the second grade I didn"t know at that time. The rainbow is caused by the sun has not yet dispersed small water droplets, the refraction of. Is not I know the rainbow is a real bridge, this let I added the new scientific knowledge. Not only did I love reading, also like to tell the students to learn knowledge, let everyone share their knowledge. In order to learn more knowledge, and my classmates exchange their own books, borrow books to the library.

第2篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

My hobby is playing soccer. I started playing soccer at the age of eight when I was in primary two. It was my friends who introduced and encouraged to take up soccer. At first I did not really like it as I felt that the game could get quite rough and I would get tired easily. But as I get older and have more practise, I find that soccer is really quite fun, especially when I manage to score a goal. The feeling of scoring a goal is really great. When I was in primary four, there had been an inter_class soccer competition. It was very fun. My team came in third. I was contented. even though I was not the champion. I had managed to get a trophy. That was definitely better than nothing. If I were to have another chance, I would like to take part in a scoeer challenge and represent my school.


第3篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好


Everyone has different hobbies.Some people like to paint and others like to play basketball.I have many hobbies because I like to do many things.Let me share a few of my hobbies with you.

To begin with,I really lie games,both indoor and outdoor.I like collecting cards and playing card games with my friends.But my favorite games are vidio games.I could play them all day long.On the other hand,I also like being outside in the fresh air and sunshine,so I play a lot of sports.I like riding and rollerblading very much,but swimming is my favorite sport.

In addition,I like to draw pictures and read comics,but please don"t tell my parents because they don"t approve.listening to music and singing songs are things I enjoy too,and I"m learning how to play an instument--the guitar.Finally,I enjoy learning English because I like speaking with foreigners and I like watching Disney cartoons.

As you can see,my hobbies keep me busy and excited.I"m always looking for new things to do!

第4篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好


I like playing basketball .It’s very interesting . I often play it with my friends. It’s a team work.. Everyone needs to work together with others. (每个人都需要和别人合作). I can also make many new friends in the game. My favorite basketball player is Yao Ming. He is very tall and plays basketball very well. I want to play in NBA one day like him.

我喜欢打篮球。它非常有趣。我经常玩它与我的朋友们。这是一个团队的工作..每个人都需要与其他人一起工作。 (每个人都需要和别人合作)。我还可以在游戏中交到很多新朋友。我最喜欢的篮球运动员是姚明。他非常高,篮球打得非常好。我想在NBA玩上一天像他一样。

第5篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

There are many different kinds of hobbies. Some people like collecting things. Others like sports , drawing, sewing or music.

A hobby is not only fun but also useful. It can help build your confidence. It makes your life more colourful. My hobby is gardening. I like to plant vegetables, fruit and flowers in my garden. I like working in my garden. It’s enjoyable and easy to learn.

I also like listening to music. When I am tired, I listen to some light music. I feel relaxed and happy.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Do you have any hobbies?


第6篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

In daily life, I often take part in some activities, such as running, jumping rope, rubber band skipping, playing badminton, etc. Among them, I most interested in is playing badminton.

When I was a child, I saw mom and dad to play badminton, and they are standing by to support him, to exert himself. At that time, I just want to play badminton, ready to have a good practice to play badminton, strive for more than dad, mom.

When the first grade 6 years old, I said to mother: ”mom, you and dad taught me to play badminton, do you?“ My mother said to me: ”line, but playing badminton is a long-term movement, you have to practice every day to practice makes perfect.“ Listen to mother"s words, I nodded.

Started to practice as I take a badminton racket, mother serve, I always can not meet, when we beat as if she didn"t listen to my boss, call the other party the ball always fell to the ground. So, I"m free every day I practice the serve, the ball. After countless picking up the ball from the ground, I finally learned to play badminton.

第7篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好


关于hobby关于like关于喜欢关于爱好Do you know my hobby? My hobby is collecting stuffed animals. The frist one I ever got was a penguin stuffed animal on my seventh birthday. In fact I think it"s probably my favorite. I"ve been collecting stuffed animals for five years,and now I have 239 of them. My mom says I have to stop,because we"ve run out of room to store them. I store them in my bed,and I even store them in boxes under my bed. If you know anyone else who collects them,please tell me. Because my favorite is collecting stuffed animals. And I"d like to start a stuffed animals collectors" club. by the way,what"s you hobby?



I have many hobbies, such as playing computer games, reading comics, going shopping. I also like playing pingpong very much. I have a friend. His name is CC. He is crazy about playing pingpong, too. If we have free time, we often play pingpong together. summer holiday, he took me to a sports centre. Then we played pingpong together, but he always lost. He was very angry. He said to me, “I will beat you in a month.”“OK. We will have a match at that time.” After a month, when I talked to him about it, he answered, “I forgot the thing! I don"t want to have a match with you.” I was very surprised and angry and said, “Oh, you"re a forgetful boy!”

我有许多爱好,比如玩网游,看漫画,购物。我也非常喜欢打乒乓球。我有一个朋友,他叫CC,他也是一个乒乓球迷。我们一有时间就一起结伴去打乒乓球。的暑假(Joozone Note:今年暑假),他带我去了个运动中心。我们一起打起了乒乓球,但是他老输球。于是他很不高兴。他对我说:“我将在一个月后挑战你”。我说:“好。我们到时一比高下。”,一个月后的今天,当我问及此事时,他却说“我已经把这事给忘掉了,我可不想再跟你比了。”我很惊讶也很不高兴的说:“你这个人太健忘了!”。


My favorite things is reading .At my free times I usually set on desk and read a book.My favorite book named Give me three days light .It is about a girl"s life story. I likethe girl because sheis optimistic and hard-working . Weshouldlearn from her. I must be study hard.

Sometimes I go to the library . This is the most interesting thing in my life.Reading booksmakes me happy. I thinkit isintersting.

I can learn a lot from reading book.So I will keep reading books.




第8篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

My hobbies are many, such as table tennis, drawing, but I like swimming best.

Summer vacation, I signed up for the swimming class, launching for the first time, I"m not afraid, probably because I am a dragon. After half a month of training, I learned freestyle, backstroke, home I report to the mother of my progress every day, my mother didn"t believe, also say I brag, and the last day of swimming class parents to watch, please, mom saw my show, get a shock, al Jefferson said something fantastic, I am proud of swimming in the water.

Father heard that I can swim, take me to the swimming pool, I saw the water like a fish, happy to jump into the water, diving, water with their feet for a while, really happy ah.

第9篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

Hobby, is refers to people have strong interest in something. People are always good things will have their own love. Sky blue, such as a wild chrysanthemum flower, like a smooth and flat light and sending out the aroma of horn comb, such as a pair with a pattern of detective conan socks... To sum up, people always have a hobby, one scene,.

I was a child like painting, like watching the pencil painted the element beautiful picture of a daze, and then imitate the picture describes the content, and then the water-based pen with me, over and over, copy over and over again.

Water-based pen, of course, is unable to draw a pencil painted pictures. But my painting also improved accordingly. Hobbies, interests, when I was four became my dream.

“What? To learn art?” Father after hearing my thoughts, jumped up and cried. “Well, this is what I want.” “You boys understand?! "to learn math, science, and make all over the world all not afraid!” you can"t work under the mathematics more?“ ”If I"m doing things I don"t want to do the rest of my life, I wouldn"t be happy.“ ”No!“ So, when he was nine years old, I know for the first time, with interest to the director of the seeds into a dream, is fragile. In the soil of exam-oriented education, it is not sufficient sunshine and rain.

第10篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

Everyone have(has) thier(their) own hobby(hobbies). my hobby is reading books.

Books are always our greatset (greatest)friends and the best teatcher. They give us all kinds of knoledge(knowledge). I started reading books when I was 6 years old. My parents give(gave) me a story book as a gift. I love it .So ,I love all kinds of books. I have been reading books for 7 years. I also enjoy collecting books .I have a lot of books about history、storys、articles and so on. I think many stories for me are interesting and full of wisdom.

All the character (Everyone)loves books, too. Books help them become successful because books are the source of knowledge and knowledge is the source of success.Athough I can not be famous, but books always make me really happy.

I love reading!


第11篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

My hobby I am 11 years old and tall big eyes, it"s a pity that exposed the frame on the bridge of the nose glasses I am a near-sighted ”tragedy“ of the truth.

With known words more and more, I also more and more inseparable from the book, except for it at the expense of eye health also got a nickname ”bookworm“. Look, up in the morning reading in a mother do breakfast, such as gap, recess when reading a book, my lunch break when reading, night quietly lying on the woli, ~ ~ ~ hee hee, even in the toilet is also holding a book... This book, it is the most important part of my life.

One day, my mother and I home from the bookstore to purchase, on the road encountered downpour, fortunately, we are the first time for my beloved new friends on my poncho and tight in her arms, under my care for their safe to live in my closet. Although my mother and I got wet clothes, but a smile on her face when we are running in the rain is so happy.

第12篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

Hobbies are things that you can"t forget after a day of fatigue; I have many hobbies: play, draw, do manual work, but my biggest hobby is reading books!

Gorky once said: books are a ladder of human progress. Sure enough, it would help me to improve my composition. Manual books can make my mind work; Reading books can improve my reading. History books can make me understand China"s long history so many books can make me progress, how can I not like reading?

If you want to know how I love reading? When I was in first grade, I found that many of my classmates had a lot of knowledge about the poles of the earth. Know all kinds of animals that live in the rainforest; Knowing that the earth"s oceans are far larger than the land, I can envy them, so I asked the encyclopedia of the class, li zhuan: excuse me, how can your knowledge be so rich? He answered only seven words: read more, of course! When I heard that, I was amazed. Very not easy look forward to the weekend, I command my mother took me to the book building, got there, I immediately came to the children"s section, take a lot of books, sit down, quietly watching, gradually, I found the book knowledge, in truth, colorful, astronomy, geography, drawing this is greatly satisfy my seeking knowledge desire, is determined to put these knowledge.

第13篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

My name is Qiou Ye. I am twelve.

My favorite sport is ping-pong and swimming.

I like basketbll and I like volletball. I can play the piano and draw, I can play them very well.

This is Me.

Can you tell me about yourself ?






第14篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

Books are the ladder of human progress. Sure enough, it would help me to improve my composition. Manual books can make my mind work; Reading books can improve my reading. History books can help me understand the long history of China... So many books can make me improve. How can I not like reading?

If you want to know how I love reading? Well, in the first grade, I found that many of my classmates had a lot of knowledge about the poles of the earth. Know all kinds of animals that live in the rainforest; Knowing that the earth"s oceans cover a much larger area than land... I envy, then to benben"s encyclopedia - li zhuan consult: excuse me, your knowledge how can be so rich? He answered only seven words: read more, of course! When I heard that, I was amazed. Very not easy look forward to the weekend, I command my mother took me to the book building, got there, I immediately came to the children"s section, take a lot of books, sit down, quietly watching, gradually, I found the book knowledge, in truth, colorful, astronomy, geography, painting... This satisfied my thirst for knowledge, and was determined to get all this knowledge into my pocket.

Soon, I became a little bookworm. At home, reading a book, reading a book before going to bed, or even eating in the bathroom. At school, not to mention, I would rather not waste a little time to go out and play.

第15篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

A hobby can be almost anything a person likes to do in his spare time. Hobbyists raise pets, build model ships, weave bas-kets, or carve soap figures and so on. In a word, hobbies offer en-joyment, friendship, knowledge and relaxation.

Then, what is my hobby? Well, what I like most is singing. I began to sing songs when I was very young. My uncle was studying in a college then, so he could sing lots of songs, and he taught me several songs. I showed great interests in the music then, for they were pleasing to ears and easy to sing. My uncle told me they were called pop songs.

When I grew up, my music teacher found that I had a good voice, so she sent me to the Children"s Palace to study vocal mu-sic. From then on, I began my vocal music training. And then I knew there were several kinds of songs, like folk songs, pop songs and so on. What I had learned most was the songs for children. They were all simple ones but our teacher trained us very strictly. We practiced how to produce sound and how to make our expres-sion more natural and more pleasing. Those simple training didn"t reduce my interest in singing at all and I won awards one after another in several kinds of competition. Actually I began to make up a dream of becoming a famous singer in the future.

As time went by, I came to realize that my dream wouldn"t come true for there were strict conditions of being a singer. But I still took singing as my hobby since I found in music the interests which were lost in the exams. When I put all my emotion into singing a song, it gave me very good and very pleasant feelings, and a good chance to relax. Besides, it was a good way to learn things that couldn"t be easily found in life.

Now as I"m saying goodbye to my childhood my voice has changed into a deep male voice, and therefore I can sing a lot of songs written for adults. I am often deeply moved, by the melody or by what the song writers said. I can feel that these words come from the bottom of their hearts: “All my best memories come back clearly to me. Some can even make me cry, just like before. It"s yesterday once more. ”“Heal the world, make it a place, for you and for me and the entire human race”. When I sing these songs, tears well up in my eyes.

I love singing, and the most warm and fragrant thing in life, I assume, is sitting in the sunshine, listening-to the walkman and singing together with the singer.

So, this is my hobby, and I hope every one of us can enjoy his own hobby, en joy the simple, good things of life.

[初中英语作文 爱好]

第16篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好

I always like to ride a bike, I want my mother to help me buy a bike, because wang xiang to ride every day, my mother promised me say my birthday she help me to buy a bike, I don"t know his mother would not realize her promise.

Say to want on the junior high school, also want to go to school by bike every day, walk, will be very tired, I will use my action to make mother happy, don"t let her think help me buy bicycles have little effect.

My hobby is very good, I hope I can use their own actions let mother moved! I also want to let mother feel to buy this bicycle is not white.

第17篇: 初中英语作文我的爱好


hobbies are very important to a person。 without having any hobby, life won"t be as colorful as it should be。 i have a variety of hobbies, such as collecting stamps, playing musical instruments, reading, and doing sport activities。

when i am free, i will spend time on my hobbies。 when i am in a blue mood, i will also do my hobbies to cheer myself up。 hobbies can help us improve our moods。 many hobbies requires devotion。 for example, when you play a musical instrument, you have to practice over and over in order to perform good music。 after a period if you still enjoy it, gradually it will become a hobby of yours。 but, remember: a hobby is like gold under the ground; no hobby will come to you unless you dig it out yourself。

if you can treat study as one of you hobbies, learning will be more enjoyable。 i hope all of you can find your own hobbies and also have fun from them。



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